A community response to the Coronavirus

Street Coordinators

Find your Street Coordinator

Below is a colourful map of Harpenden, each block of colour representing our Street Coordinator’s for each of our neighbourhood/street groups, emerging all over Harpenden as people are reaching out to support their neighbours. 

Check on the Google Map below to find your street. If there is a colour block it means there is a street coordinator in your neighbourhood that you could connect with, should you want to.

Please use the form on the right to add your name, email address/telephone number and please mention the code in the message. (e.g. HAA1 – click on your coloured street block to reveal the code) We will then pass your details to the coordinator who will add you to the WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook group in your area. 

We will attempt to keep this map as up to date as possible, but please bear with us as we are receiving a lot of new information.

This is a great way of staying connected, particularly for the more vulnerable, elderly or those isolating due to COVID19 symptoms. Reach out to your neighbours to see how they can support you. 

Do you not see a coloured block on your street, yet you are the street coordinator? Please use the form on the right to let us know you have set up a group. 

Do you not see a coloured block on your street? How about starting a group? Reach out to your next door neighbours first and start the ball rolling.

Need Support? – Call Us

Our helpline will be open:

Monday – Friday

10am – 12pm

For general information please contact us